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Teakstone House

Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

6,000 sq.ft.



This project merges traditional materials with modern design to create a unique home that optimised space usage and molds seamlessly into the surroundings.

We designed this home to function for a multi-generational family. As this property was open on three sides, we wanted to optimize natural light that was readily available. The home was made up of interconnected spaces with a courtyard in the middle for ventilation and sunlight. We used Dholpur stone and polished teak wood to highlight the architectural details with a special focus on incorporating natural materials and greenery. Subtle yet statement indoor and outdoor lighting by Tivsa added to the warm underones of this home.

Teak wood was used in various ways to highlight the scale of the spaces. Doorways were made with teak and bevelled glass to give some lightness to an otherwise heavy material and the main door was paneled with plenty of wood detailing. The wardrobes were customized with teak wood shutters and the ceiling in several rooms were fitted with wood battens.

Indian white marble was used on the staircase tread with the staircase riser clad in a grey stone. We used a floral metal railing to add some lightness and movement to the space and added polished teak wood handrails to tie the space together. The dominant color of the home was white to make the space feel as open and airy as possible in the natural sunlight.We added plenty of plants to every corner of the home to add some warmth to the space.

The facade of the house was clad with dholpur stone in places and decorative textured stucco in others. The color of the stone and stucco complemented each other and stood up well against the natural vegetation surrounding the home. The goal was to make the house look like a natural mass of stone and wood against the naturally occurring trees and shrubbery: we wanted the house to mold seamlessly into the surroundings rather than be at odds with the context.

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