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About us


Having or relating to two poles or extremities.

This feeling of balancing our opposing personalities and design styles is what led us to call ourselves Studio Bipolar.
We are an award winning architecture & interior design firm, focused on creating spaces that are living art. We pride ourselves on taking on a select number of projects with a strong focus on bringing our clients vision to life. The firm was started in 2017 and has completed more than 100,000 sq.ft. of commercial and residential spaces. We currently have 150,000 sq.ft. of commercial and residential spaces under construction across the country. Projects are ongoing in Delhi, Mumbai , Calcutta, Moradabad, Bangalore among others cities.


Abstract Architecture

Architecture Design

We design the building from the ground up. We plan the arrangement of rooms, exterior design, structural design, and building services such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Image by Suhyeon Choi

Interior Design

We design the interiors of the space after the bare shell is ready. We plan the furniture layout, ceiling & lighting design and floor & wall finishes for every room. We also select all furniture items, sanitary/light fixtures and decor items throughout the space.

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Our Founders

SB-5 copy.jpg

Sanjana Mathur, Principal Architect

B.Arch. Sushant School of Architecture, 2015

A second generation architect , Sanjana obtained her bachelor's degree in architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture in 2015. She worked at Anagram Architects under the guidance of Madhav Raman and Vaibhav Dimri on high end residences for 2 years before leaving to start her own practice.

Ujjwal Sagar, Principal Architect

B.Arch. Sushant School of Architecture, 2015

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Architecture alongside Sanjana, Ujjwal worked at renowned firm DADA partners in Gurgaon, where he gained a thorough grounding in large scale housing and institutional projects. He also worked at Anagram Architects where he acted as Team Lead for high end hospitality and institutional projects.

Since starting Studio Bipolar, Sanjana & Ujjwal have won both numerous awards such as iGen 50 for the nation's top designers in 2019 and 2020 as well as international features in reputed magazines such as Inc., Architectural Digest, and Elle Decor.

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