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Studio Iris

Chattarpur, New Delhi

1,800 sq.ft.



We designed a sleek and minimalistic interior for a boutique bridal store that allows the products to take centre stage.

Studio Iris is a bridal boutique located in Chattarpur, New Delhi, and designed by Studio Bipolar. The purpose of our design is to create a sleek and minimalistic interior that allows the bridal products to take centre stage. With a focus on targeting budget-conscious brides and bridesmaids, the design needed to exude accessibility and a sense of calmness.

The concept of Studio Iris is rooted in the beauty of simplicity. The visual language of the brand embraces pastel colours and modern, unique silhouettes, and the interior design seamlessly integrates with this cohesive identity. The 1800 sqft space encompasses various functional areas, including storage, a trial room, a billing desk, and a dedicated photoshoot area.

A neutral colour palette predominates the visual aesthetics, enabling the products to stand out, while subtle hints of gold, mirror, and velvet add touches of luxury. The design style strikes a balance between modernity and Indian influences, creating a captivating ambiance. Key design elements include fabric chandeliers suspended above each clothes display, highlighting the richness of the embroidery and the fullness of the lehengas while creating a captivating focal point. Mirror platforms beneath the displays further enhance the visual appeal.

The customer experience was carefully considered in the layout. Window displays were strategically placed to attract passersby and seamlessly draw them into the interior. A dedicated seating space with a podium in front of the fitting room allows brides to appreciate the dresses from all angles using a tri-fold mirror setup. Additionally, recognizing the preferences of younger generations and their celebration of a purchase through photography, a specially designed selfie wall was incorporated. The neutral backdrop, adorned with gold metal moulding and lotus motifs, provides an elegant and simple setting for customers to capture memorable moments in their chosen attire, enhancing their shopping experience and creating lasting memories.

The entrance features a branding wall adorned with the Studio Iris logo, accompanied by a pampas grass planter, exuding an open, airy, and slightly boho vibe. The project was completed within a timeline of 30 days, ensuring efficiency and prompt execution. The result is a thoughtfully designed and visually appealing bridal boutique that embodies the essence of Studio Iris, offering a delightful shopping experience for brides-to-be and their entourage.

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