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Shiva Scientific Office

Dwarka, New Delhi

600 sq.ft.



We designed a bright, colourful, and motivating office for a young, upcoming medical devices company.

The office for Shiva Scientific needed to accommodate a growing team of young professionals. As a company just starting its journey, they wanted a space that was bright, inviting, and motivating.

The brand colors, purple & blue, are used prominently in the reception area to tie the space together. Hexagonal shelves, inspired by the representation of chemical compounds in Chemistry, hold brochures and add some storage to the waiting area.

In the main office, more storage has been packed everywhere. One entire wall has been mounted in cabinets and the front of these units are covered in whiteboard, to be used for brainstorming.

The neutral, understated tones of the main office contrast against the bright, modern style of the pantry area. With its classic subway tiles laid in a chevron pattern, industrial wall lights, and open shelving, it offers a fun, inviting breakaway from the rest of the office.

A glass partition separates the directors cabin from the main workspace. This room also doubles as a meeting room when the directors aren’t in. Unique hexagonal tiles in varying shades and patterns of grey break up irregularly into the wood floor in this room. They add a subtle, yet statement addition to the otherwise neutral room.

A floor to ceiling piece of artwork in a strong purple colour is featured predominantly on one wall. A custom built desk is the centrepiece of this room. Built from a composite of granite, wood, and metal, it is hexagonally shaped to tie in with the themes of the rest of the office.

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