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Residence SV

New Delhi

6,000 sq. ft.



Designing the ultimate entertainment hub that perfectly balances relaxation and aesthetics.

Within a Delhi residence, the basement has been ingeniously transformed into the ultimate entertainment hub, perfectly balancing relaxation and aesthetics. The basement's design divides it into two distinct yet harmonious halves.

In one half, a refined formal living and dining area awaits, meticulously designed to accommodate grand gatherings and cosy family moments. Oversized sofas, an expansive 10-seater dining table, and light-coloured wood panelling define the space, creating an inviting, contemporary, and luxurious ambiance. The oversized and plush furniture is strategically arranged to foster a sense of openness while delineating different areas within this expansive room.

One design challenge was the awkward L-shaped corner that posed a puzzle for seating arrangements. The ingenious solution was to transform this corner into a wet bar, featuring a curved counter and floor-to-ceiling cabinets with rounded corners, mirroring the adjacent curved lounge. Simplicity and impact were the goals, achieved through fluted wood veneer on the cabinets and rattan shutters over the sink, adding a touch of design flair.

The other half of the basement unfolds as a family lounge, harmoniously blending comfort and aesthetics. The furniture choices include sumptuous leather and visually striking sculptural forms. The backdrop, clad in captivating forest green fabric with gold trim, creates a mesmerising focal point. The result is a room that effortlessly combines relaxation with a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Moving outdoors, the basement's exterior is thoughtfully designed to embrace both comfort and natural aesthetics. A cosy lounge area beckons for leisure and relaxation on one side, while on the other, a double-height green wall adorned with faux foliage brings a touch of nature to the space. The overall ambiance is a carefully curated blend of comfort and aesthetics, creating a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, perfect for fostering a chill atmosphere.

This Delhi residence basement exemplifies the art of turning underutilised spaces into luxurious entertainment hubs, where design and relaxation seamlessly coexist.

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