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Lacquer Embassy Store

DLF Avenue Mall, New Delhi

150 sq.ft.



This menswear boutique in DLF Avenue gets a streamlined look that doesn’t compromise on storage.

Wood, metal, and cement were the starting point of this chic mens boutique at DLF Avenue. With an atypical space such as this, optimising the visibility of products is key. To maximise space, the storefront has been left open to borrow room from the main floor and perforated metal cladding on the roof adds height.

The store features plenty of open shelving and unique storage solutions for its merchandise. With finishes in black metal, warm wood, and cool cement, the design of this store is a modern look, complete with clean lines, and no fussy details that may draw the eye away from the products on display.

Framed shelves and light wood tones provide the perfect neutral background for the vibrant accessories. Additionally, floating shelves and open rails add a lightness and movement to a space that traditional storage cannot.

The various accessories at this store need to be stored in unique ways: bowties are mounted on cards to keep their shape, ties are rolled, pocket squares folded, and scarves hung to avoid creases. Custom storage solutions were designed to address all these issues. Shirts and scarves are hung on rails, bowties are displayed in shelves that feature black metal framework that provides a visual separation for the products, and pocket squares lay flat on open shelves.

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