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FA Home Store

DLF Camellias, Gurgaon

2000 sq.ft.



Craft and visual storytelling lead the design of FA Home’s flagship store in the DLF Camellias.

The flagship store for the homegrown luxury textiles and furnishings brand FA Home is located in the prestigious neighbourhood of DLF Camellias in Gurugram. Designed by Studio Bipolar, the store interiors honour craft to emulate the brand’s core values. The space is made in a consolidation of the lightest of tones and textures to let the furnishings take centre stage. The art of weaving is symbolically represented on various walls using accents and artworks.

Store-wide, the only pops of colour are provided by the flooring and a salmon pink wall in the billing alcove bearing the brand name. A conscious design choice, the lightness complements the delicacy and intricacy of the work on display while simultaneously letting it take the spotlight. It is also supported by bright and airy interior spaces, which are divided into sectional displays with the help of archways—a design element that is made to emphasise the lofty height of the space and accentuate the exposed concrete ceiling.

Art forms an integral part of the store’s interior narrative, be it through a handwoven and embroidered mural retelling the history of the 20-year-old brand, window displays made of woven cords, or wall-suspended embroidery hoops that hold softly flowing fabrics. A recycled traditional handloom is artistically reassembled and mounted on a wall, while dowels reminiscent of a classic sewing machine are used to create customisable shelving.

In tandem with the established design language, the display areas are kept minimal and spacious. Subtle design interventions such as creatively customisable displays are visually sectioned by type and colour. The store design intends to help the products stand out and shine, while employing the art of visual storytelling to narrate the brand’s illustrious history.

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