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Esquire Office

Defense Colony, New Delhi

1,700 sq.ft.



Studio Bipolar delivered a distinct and functional space that elevated the brand identity and ethos of this business. We empowered our clients to have the freedom to work the way that suits them best.

Esquire came to Studio Bipolar with a vision to create a healthy and interactive environment for its headquarters for its latest venture, a nightclub in the heart of New Delhi. Capturing the business culture, keeping people connected and representing its global perspective and diversity would be key to the success of the project.

We drew inspiration from the period Esquire Magazine was born, the Art Deco Era. We reinterpreted the iconography and forms synonymous with this period to evolve our design concept.

We evolved the idea of ‘porous partitions’ to connect all the spaces. Every team member had their own private space but was still connected to each other through these partitions, allowing for greater engagement and collaboration.

For this team of highly driven and creative individuals, we created different work spaces which are seamlessly connected. From private cabins for more focused work, to community work tables for group work and meetings.

We balanced the work spaces with strategic breakout zones. Accents of quirky décor and furniture complement the bold colors used in the partition.

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