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Dalberg Office

Panchsheel Park, New Delhi

2,200 sq.ft.



This workspace is characterised by clean modern lines brought to life with quirky elements.

Dalberg approached us to design their new headquarters in New Delhi. An international group of policy thinkers and advisors, they wanted a space that reflected the roots of their chosen country of operations. Most importantly, great emphasis was placed on Dalbergs work process, they often use group discussions and team work while working on their projects. A lot of collaboration takes place with local businesses and NGO’s, and attention had to be paid to make the office welcoming and approachable for them as well. We evolved a design language that was fresh and clean, with lots of natural wood, green plants complemented by white and grey surfaces.

The main workspace is characterised by a relaxed, organic ambience. Custom made Desks serve as a regular desktop as well as an on the go ideation surface, with built in whiteboard table tops and dividers. Pin boards, white boards and toughened glass panels are mounted on the walls to provide as many ideation spots as possible for the team members. A plain white brick wall decorated with photo frames add some warmth to the space.

Executive Cabins were designed to be as warm and spacious as possible. A glass partition between two cabins serves as an ideation surface. Custom pine wood desks were fabricated with built in glass inserts to serve as a small writing surface on the table tops. The green of the potted plants complements the overall colour palette of creams, beige and white.

Our primary goal was to make each space serve multiple functions given the space constraints. We turned this room into a meeting room cum team room. By using a flexible desking system, we can create multiple arrangements of the furniture. During a meeting, the tables come together as conference table. During private work time, a table can be wheeled into a corner for more privacy. Glass mounted on the walls serves as an ideation surface for this room. The actual conference room was created keeping in mind that it has to have more of a visual impact. A live edge solid teak wood slab forms the top of the conference table. Ropes in various colors form a canopy on top and adds some quirk to the room.

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