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Clovia Store

Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi

500 sq.ft.



We designed a cool and quirky retail store for a budget conscious lingerie brand.

E-commerce lingerie brand Clovia aproached us to create a one of kind retail store for them in a student centric market, Sarojini Nagar. Their brand focuses on young, fashionable and budget conscious women and the retail store concept had to speak to that fact. We tried to create a space that was fun, attracted shoppers and contributed and grew the brand image.

We approached the store as an extension of a ‘girls closet’. Using fun and quirky accents over a neutral base, allowed the merchandise to stand out , as well as look fun and youthful. Customised wallpapers with fun quotes add to the stores charm.

From the street, the store had to stand out from the rest of the street hawkers and look approachable at the same time. A bright pink building front was created to draw attention of passerby’s. Graphic posters in the window inform the viewers of the sale offers.

This was a project that merged basic retail concepts with experiential graphics to create a new kind of space. One that showed off the products to the fullest, as well as helped create a brand image for Clovia.

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