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Burosu, Restaurant & Bar

32nd Milestone, Gurugram

2000 sq.ft.



A bold restaurant design to reflect the explosive tastes of Asian street cuisine.

Derived from the Japanese word for ‘Broth’, Burosu is a pan-Asian restaurant in Gurgaon’s prestigious 32nd Avenue Milestone. The visual grammar of this 2,000 square foot restaurant, on the main level of the city’s most popular nightlife destination, is rooted in Asian street life, mirroring the explosive flavours of the cuisine.

Inspired by Asian cultures, we accentuated the space with prominent Japanese elements such as delicate wicker wallpapers modelled on tatami mats and neon signage on the walls and ceiling in an ode to Tokyo’s famous nighttime sights.

With ample use of mirror and glass, the brightly lit bar counter can be seen throughout the space, tying all Asian design elements together seamlessly. To add to the vibrancy, we used a backlit ribbed glass on the front of the bar with lights whose colours can be customised to match the mood of the day.

The space above the bar is fitted with a suspended metal shelf that houses the glassware. The scarlet tones of this unit draw a gorgeous contrast to the ceiling, yet tie effortlessly into the restaurant's design language. Mirrored shelves mounted on a mirror backsplash behind the bar give the illusion that the glassware and bottles are floating.

The bright, lively patterns and colours of the neon lighting and the bar mirrors are balanced by a use of more earthy tones elsewhere. A palette of subdued greens and reds are used in the upholstery and wallpaper to create a cosy and welcoming space reminiscent of old-timey Japanese eateries.

The exterior seating area design is inspired by a zen garden. Billowing drapes are interspersed with string lights sectioning the seating areas and creating a relaxing ambiance for guests.

In all, Burosu is a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, paying homage to a vibrant culture, very much a mirror of our own.

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