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BalloonKraft Store

Select Citywalk Mall, New Delhi

100 sq.ft.



Studio Bipolar designs a fun, interactive balloon store in the heart of Delhi’s Select City Walk Mall

Tucked into the outside facade of Delhi’s Select City Walk Mall, this balloon store packs a lot of character and color into a small space. Designed with its limited space in mind, the store has been creatively laid out to optimize storage and streamline the checkout process without crowding the space.

The most important aspect of this store is its fun, inviting design. Bright colors pop out against stark white storage units, neon signage rests on fluted panelling, and a bright blue dome set into the ceiling houses the pendant light. Straight lines have no space in this store. instead , the storage unit breaks out in bubble shapes overhead, and the checkout desk is tiered and finished with soft, curved edges.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to put the store’s colorful wares on display, we designed custom storage to showcase and store the balloons. Drawers cut into the back wall are faced with two layers of acetate, between which we stuffed the respective colored balloons the drawer holds.

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