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B-Hive 11 Coworking, Mohan Cooperative

New Delhi

4,500 sq.ft



Every space hosts unique art and furniture, helping visitors keep the creative juices flowing!

Modelled after an amphitheater, this lively event area was designed to optimise seating and storage. It is bright and open, and the yellow grid above creates an artificial ceiling, tying into the tones of the room below it.

The diagonal slats of the roof in the conference room are complemented by the starburst chandeliers, and the faux grass clad wall acts as the perfect acoustic absorption device at a fraction of the cost. A wide hallway leads to the breakout lounge and call cabins. The arrow-like lights are reflected in the pattern of the carpet below, drawing the eye forward, making the space more streamlined.

In the first breakout area, the herringbone wood panelled wall features an oversized tiger print. Completing the jungle vibe for this brainstorming room is a blood red sectional and faux grass carpet.

Further ahead, set in front of the high arches of the call cabins, is the second breakout space, furnished to accommodate six to eight people at a time. Brick cladding on the back wall at an angle gives the space more movement. The private call cabins are segmented by arches, and a single piece of art across the back wall ties it back together.

The hotdesking area at B-Hive 11 features a hand painted deer mural while a large window floods the double height room with plenty of natural light and makes it feel larger than life. A bookshelf across the back wall breaks up the expanse of the double height ceiling and the diagonally mounted brick cladding keeps the rooms consistent.

Mixed mural tiles on the back of the stairs leading from the hotdesking area up to the premium cabins adds a visual direction for the eye to follow. The premium cabins are furnished with desks against the walls and the high ceilings are broken up with framed artwork and beautiful light fixtures. The overall effect is a bright, light and open workspace.

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