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Ashiana Amarah Visitor's Lounge

Sector 93, Gurugram

10,000 sq.ft.



Catering to a kids-centric housing society, our design offers families a taste of the haven of joy, friendship, and wellness they would be surrounded by here.

At Ashiana's latest housing project, Ashiana Amarah, located in Sector 93, Gurgaon, we have embarked on the design of their Visitors Lounge and Sample Apartment. Encompassing a sprawling area of 10,000 sqft, these spaces cater to a kids-centric housing society, offering families with young children a taste of the haven of joy, friendship, and wellness they would be surrounded by here.

The minimalist design of the Visitors Lounge, with its open layout and versatile seating options, creates a welcoming environment for meetings and gatherings. Meanwhile, the Sample Apartment provides a glimpse into the vibrant, active, and community-driven lifestyle that awaits them.

Throughout both spaces, vibrant colours infuse the atmosphere with happiness and warmth, while maintaining a subdued and inviting ambiance. Abundant natural light floods in through expansive windows, seamlessly connecting the interiors with the surrounding nature.

With a focus on lightness and clean aesthetics, the furniture and design elements exude a sleek and contemporary charm. Playful colours, subtle wall panelling, and thoughtfully placed interventions add character and vibrancy to the overall design.

The Kids Playroom in the Visitors Lounge steals the spotlight with its unique circular windows, inviting children to immerse themselves in a world of imagination and fun.

Join us as we explore Ashiana Amarah, where every corner reflects the spirit of a vibrant community, offering families the opportunity to lead healthier lives, forge meaningful friendships, and create lasting memories, all within the embrace of nature.

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