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Amaretto Cafe

DLF South Point Mall, Gurugram

500 sq.ft.



Designing an elegant cafe layered with art and delightful warm accents.

Amongst the many niches of delight present in South Point Mall, Gurugram, appears a navy blue framed glazed door above which the words “Amaretto” gleam. It welcomes its guests with its motto ‘Dolce Far Niente’, mounted on the walls - meaning ‘the sweetness of doing nothing - where all one needs to do is simply fall back on the snug seating and relish the delicacies offered.

At first glance, the sidelight frames in the fascia encapsulates the interiors of the cafe into a picturesque scene. Through this door, the Amaretto Cafe welcomes its customers into a cozy Italian-themed bistro, where upon entering, one's eyes are immediately drawn to the menu lettering, which hangs radiantly over a modern, emerald-painted counter with gold accents.

The cafe dawns a warm and soft color palette on its walls and floor while adding interesting black and white photographs on one wall, and on the opposite wall, with the aforementioned motto over a calming mural on a textured paint wall, blending with the warm interiors. The contrast to this scheme appears on the furniture that adorn pops of colour like emerald, brown, and black – textured in velvet, wood, and metal, that accentuates the space with modest extravaganza.

Another layer of accents appear in the form of elegant gold strips that frame the white marble table tops adding a layer of subtle glamour in the space. The warm cove lights above the table exude a romantic hue over the melange of texture and furnishings, making a soothing and calming setting for its visitors.

The bistro makes an assiduous effort in maintaining simplicity, visibly seen in the placement of furniture, lighting, and signage alongside the array of plush furniture, layered with art, providing balance while adding engaging elements for the senses to appreciate.

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