The Colourful Noida Apartment

Greater Noida, UP

3,500 sq.ft.



A bright and cheerful apartment interior renovation for a professional couple and their young daughter. Its luxurious, charming and fun!

They wanted modern and sleek lines but balanced with interesting materials and textures. They wanted to focus a lot of the furniture design as well, and custom make unique pieces for every room.

In this home, we tried to make sure that every room had its own character. The living and dining area are done in neutral tones with gold accents and lots of greens! The family lounge has a more relaxed vibe with teal and pink used in various ways. Special attention was paid to the Puja room, which was super important for our client.

And the most important room of all, the daughters room! Like all parents, they wanted the world for their daughter, so we created her own little world for her in her room! We tried to give her a fun pieces of furniture which allowed her to play and be active as well as relax and study when needed.

We designed a luxurious, yet colorful look for the living and dining area. We stuck to rich materials like a beige velvet for the sofas and a bright blue for the wing chairs. Instead of having one big coffee table, we chose to have a cluster of three round gold tables at different heights.

The wall behind the seating on the left is decorated with a green wall and mirrors. While the wall on the right has been adorned with marble tiles with brass strips inlaid in between. With a gold and crystal chandelier and gold wall decor pieces , the room ties together in palette of neutral hues and metallic accents.

While the living area had a more luxurious look, we chose to go for more color and a more relaxed vibe in the family lounge. We went with a teal painted wall behind the sofa sectional, which we upholstered in a pink and white patterned fabric.

The puja room is visible from the family lounge, and we made Gold metal doors adorned with bells to separate it from the lounge. The Puja wall is a backlit acrylic panel with the spiritual art.

The open kitchen is also visible from the Lounge. Although the apartment had its own kitchen cabinets already, we chose to change up the look of them by changing the theme to a mint and black and white theme. The backsplash is geometric patterned tile and the countertops are black granite. The upper cabinets is a bright mint green laminate which ties in with the green of the lounge wall. The breakfast counter separates the kitchen from the lounge, and we chose to hang three pendant lights over the counter.

Like all parents, they wanted the world for their daughter, so we decided to create her own little world in her bedroom!

We gave her a bunk bed with lots of storage for books and toys. We also incorporated a slide and ladder which will make getting to bed more fun for her. We created a fun little study desk for her with a rainbow bookshelf against a wallpaper of mountains and nature.

Thoughtful touches like a sun burst pattern on the ceiling and linen curtains with a bunting pattern, it all comes together to form a creative and fun room for a young girl to grow up in!

We created several warm and cozy spots throughout the home. The entrance to the home has a peaceful and calming effect with a texture paint wall with gold leaves. A stone sculpture of Buddha is placed against this.

Instead of having a guest room, we chose to convert it into a movie lounge and bar. We chose to go with a rustic exposed brick wall. A bright yellow sofa is placed against this wall with colorful photo frames.

The Bar is placed in the niche that was initially meant to be a wardrobe. The back of the niche is covered with a green wall and neon signage to lend some fun into the room!

The attached bathroom is done in a black and dark walnut wood theme. We chose to go with a black wash basin and black water closet to go with the theme of the bathroom. Hanging pendant lights over the vanity and a mirror with a metallic decorative frame completes the look.